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  1. Introduction - What to Expect

Course Guide (1).pdf

Welcome to the COLREGS course!

We are so excited that you have chosen to take this course with us!

The course will follow the following format for each rule or pair of related rules:

  • First there will be a run-through of the rule - by the fun little presentations that you may have already seen on YouTube.
  • Second there will be a discussion about that Rule, it's real life implications, the kinds of questions that the U.S. Coast Guard asks that regard to that Rule, and how to approach that Rule on an exam.
  • Third will be a handout that covers the main points of that Rule
  • The fourth will be a quiz composed of the different questions the coast guard asks on that rule. You can retake any quiz as often as you want.
  • Fifth will be a handout for reasoning for each answer to the Questions.
  • Then there will be a discussion forum open to discuss questions or problems with other students and teachers.

We hope you enjoy this course and that it helps you become a better mariner! - And passing exams doesn't hurt!

Team Coeval,

Jaquelyn and Owen

Below you will find the Latest copy of the COLREGS from the USCG Website. - Please keep it for reference during the course as it contins both the U.S. and International Rules verbatum.