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  Introduction to GMDSS FCC Elements

Hi, Glad to see you've enrolled!

This is less of a course and more of just practice in doing the FCC questions to help prepare you for the Licensing Exam.

The FCC Exams for your GMDSS Operator Licence consists of two parts;

  • Element 1 which is on basic radio law and operating practices.
  • and Element 7 GMDSS Radio Operating Practices. GMDSS radio operating procedures and practices sufficient to show detailed practical knowledge of the operation of all GMDSS sub-systems and equipment. The exam consists of questions from the following categories: general information, narrow band direct printing, INMARSAT, NAVTEX, digital selective calling, and survival craft.

Both Elements have a %75 correct to pass score. The entire exam is 124 questions long. 24 from element 1 and 100 from element 7.

This course is not yet complete - but we are adding questions continually.

Good luck practicing. If you have trouble or need help just ask a question in the forums.

Be safe on the Sea,

Jaquelyn and Owen,

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